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  • I have been a patient of Dr. Culpepper's going on three plus years, I had been dealing with a torn ACL and possible Meniscus in my left knee since 1972 my Senior year of football. I did not have any surgery done due to my parents lack of knowledge of what that entailed and lack of funds due to a household of seven. I was "taped up" before each game and limped and learned to push through the pain till the of the season. That was what you did then.

    Twenty One years ago and through a freak accident I managed to blow out my Right knee that required extensive knee repair that included a donor Ligament performed by a large clinic in Jackson. That knee was never "right" and was in constant pain until this year, October 2019 when Dr. Culpepper did a total knee replacement. After the surgery and initial pain I knew and felt confidant and encouraged! I knew immediately that the years of pain of "bone on bone" was gone! This surgery is not a walk in the park by any means but listening to Dr. Culpepper's post op instructions explained in great detail before surgery made all the difference.

    I have gone through several surgeries but the knee replacement performed by Jay is by far the fastest that I have ever recovered from. I was off the walker in three the Cain in four weeks and back to work in five weeks working half days that mostly required standing.

    I have to say that as good as a Surgeon Dr. Culpepper is, his success also comes from the amazing support that surrounds him beginning when you walk through the door at Greenwood Orthopedic Clinic in Greenwood, MS. From the moment you sign in at the front desk you are met with smiling and patient Office Staff and from there you are handed off to a patient Radiologist, then to Jay's amazing Nurses that are really interested in you as a person and in short time Dr. Culpepper is there to meet your needs on your timetable. Jay never once pushed or pressured me into surgery. He kept me mobile until "my wife and I" were ready.

    One last thought...Dr. Culpepper will be doing my left knee replacement in roughly four months in April 2020 and I so look forward to it!


    By - Douglas M P
    05-Dec-2019 11:27 PM

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