Computer Assisted Joint Replacement

Computer navigation technique is the latest revolution in orthopaedic surgery. This technology is used for replacement of arthritic knee or hip joints.

Computer navigation provides your surgeon with real time 3-D images of the mapped patient’s affected joint and the surgical instruments during surgery. The data for the images is provided by the infrared sensors fixed to the bones of the joint and the surgical instruments. Their position is tracked by an infrared camera placed above the surgical table connected to the computer. The computer then generates real-time images with the help of the software to guide your surgeon to precisely and accurately resurface and cut the bones of the joint and fix the implant according to the pre-operative surgical plan. Computer navigation is just a tool to guide your surgeon and improve the outcome of surgery. It cannot replace the skills of an experienced surgeon.

The life of the implant can be extended by precise alignment of the implant and this can be achieved by the use of computer navigation for total joint replacement surgery.

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